The Launch of

The Launch of

buildJUSTLY Unveils Empowering Small Business Owners in Washington State

Washington State, April 16, 2024 – buildJUSTLY, a leader in providing inclusive technology solutions, is excited to announce the launch of, a comprehensive technology learning and resource platform designed to empower and support the smallest of business owners from disadvantaged communities across Washington State. This innovative program, part of buildJUSTLY’s Tech Tenacity theory of change, helps small business owners build tech competence through the foundations of community and boosting of confidence. was made possible through Washington State Microenterprise Association’s (WSMA) grant funding.

For almost a decade, the founders of buildJUSTLY, Chewy Chong and Vicky Tamaru, have dedicated themselves to groundbreaking research focusing on improving technology outcomes for underserved communities. 

The program offers bite-sized videos, each under a minute, to simplify the learning process and make technology accessible to everyone. These lessons are tailored for mobile, tablet, and PC use, making it easy for busy business owners to integrate technology tips and tricks into their operations.

“Navigating technology can be daunting, especially for busy business owners. We’ve collected videos from small business owners around the country, sharing business and technology tips and tricks, step-by-step. These actionable lessons are accessible through short-form videos that can be viewed whenever and wherever, at whatever pace is most convenient for the business owner,” said Chewy Chong.

“This initial site is the starting point for applying the Tech Tenacity theory of change. We aim to expand its use in other realms to translate concepts into action, building step-by-step toward lasting change. 

Our student research team through Pacific Lutheran University’s School of Business has been interviewing small businesses and so far, we’ve gotten a resounding request for more marketing related lessons.  We’re actively applying for more grants and appealing to philanthropists to fulfill that immediate ask.  But that’s just the beginning,” said Vicky Tamaru.

buildJUSTLY invites small business owners and small business support organizations to explore the new platform at

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